Locksmith Enschede

Locksmith Enschede

The lock specialist from Enschede and the surrounding area.

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The advantages of locksmith Enschede

  • Reliable express service
  • Our locksmiths think along with you
  • Available by phone 24/7
  • SKG locks
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Your reliable locksmith for years
  • New locks available immediately
  • Pay safely and quickly with the pin

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Locksmith Enschede

Voted most reliable locksmith in Enschede e.o.

Locksmith Enschede has been named the most reliable locksmith in Enschede and the surrounding area. Our team of qualified technicians have years of experience in providing professional locks and security services for residential and commercial customers. We work closely with our customers to ensure their needs are met, using only top-of-the-line tools, certified materials and advanced techniques.


Locked out in Enschede

Have you experienced the discomfort of being locked out of your home? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and our team of professional locksmiths come to the rescue. We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of issues related to locks and security measures. With our specialized techniques and tools, we can open your door damage-free within half an hour. We guarantee a fast, reliable and uncomplicated solution for all your lockout needs, whether it concerns a simple lock or more complex security systems.

  • Available 24/7
  • Express service
  • We come directly to you
  • Your lock opened damage-free
  • If necessary, a new lock immediately
Locked out in Enschede

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

We offer a professional lock and security service with which we can perfectly take care of the hinges and locks of homes and business premises. You can contact us for, among other things;

  • Opening locks
  • Replacing locks
  • Advice on and installation of burglary protection

You can contact us for various services related to hinges and locks, such as opening (outdated) locks, replacing keys or the assembly/installation of modern security systems. We are happy to help you find a suitable solution that suits your situation.

We take care of your hinges and locks down to the last detail

Replace locks

Whether you want to replace a classic lock or the most advanced electronic lock, we are happy to help. Our experienced technicians have years of experience in installing all types of locks, so you can always be sure that your new lock will be replaced perfectly.

Open locks

Locksmith Enschede is a company with more than ten years of experience in opening locks and providing lock repairs. Our team consists of qualified specialists who are willing to visit you within half an hour to open your lock without damage.

Burglary protection

At Locksmith Enschede you can go for a wide range of security solutions against burglary. We only offer products that meet the highest quality standards, such as the SKG quality mark. Our security experts have extensive knowledge and experience regarding security and are happy to advise you based on your needs.

Install multi-point lock

A multi-point lock consists of several pins that are placed in different positions. By using more than one pin, it is prevented that a window or door can be forced by criminals, because pressure must be applied in different places at the same time.

Express service

Locksmith Enschede offers its customers an extensive emergency service. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with lock emergencies. Whether you are locked out of your home or have burglary damage that needs to be repaired immediately.

Core pulling protection

Core pulling protection is a simple but effective way to prevent the opening of your lock by shielding the cylinder. This makes it impossible for criminals to open your lock by breaking or pulling out the cylinder.

The mechanics of locksmith Enschede

Locksmith Enschede offers a team of well-trained technicians who are qualified to handle any lock problem. We have experience with all types of locks and their respective unique issues, enabling us to deliver your solution in no time.

Locksmith Enschede accessible to everyone

At Locksmith Enschede we think it is important that anyone with a lock problem can ask us for help. That is why we use rates that are accessible to both private and business customers. We understand that sometimes getting a lock service needs to be done quickly, so if you need our services in an emergency, we will communicate the cost directly by phone before arriving on site.

Locksmith Enschede accessible to everyone

We solve all kinds of problems with your lock in Enschede and the surrounding area

Locksmith Enschede is able to solve any problem with your lock professionally. You can count on our expertise when:

  • U een afgebroken sleutel in het slot heeft.
  • U een verouderd, beschadigd of slecht werken slot heeft.
  • Er inbraakschade is ontstaan dat direct herstelt dient te worden.
  • U bent buitengesloten van uw woning of bedrijfspand.

Ons team van gespecialiseerde en deskundige slotenmakers biedt een uitgebreide selectie aan diensten aan om al uw slotproblemen op te lossen. Of het nu gaat om buitensluiting, schade veroorzaakt door inbraak of andere kwesties met betrekking tot beveiliging, wij staan dag en nacht klaar om de problemen zo snel mogelijk op te lossen. Waarom? Omdat we weten dat elke minuut telt als het gaat om veiligheid en beveiliging. Onze vakmensen zijn getraind in het installeren van verschillende soorten sloten, repareren of vervangen van beschadigde sloten en upgrade-services voor meer beveiliging. Wij bieden 24/7 ondersteuning ter plaatse, waardoor u er altijd op kunt rekenen dat wij binnen redelijke termijn ter plaatse zullen zijn om uw probleem (zo groot of klein dan ook) op te lossen. Dankzij onze jarenlange ervaring, hoogwaardige technologieën en innovatieve methodes, garanderen we eenvoudige, effectieve oplossingen voor elk probleem.

Professional lock breaking Enschede

Locksmiths Enschede is your professional lock service for breaking locks. Our experienced and certified locksmiths are ready to help individuals and companies break open locks daily 24/7. We always ensure that we cause as little damage as possible to surrounding doors, windows or frames. With our years of experience in breaking locks, we guarantee a damage-free service.

  • For individuals, companies and bailiffs
  • Damage-free breaking of locks
  • Accurate method

Opening a lock in Enschede

Looking for an experienced locksmith in Enschede who can open your home without damage in a short time? Locksmith Enschede is here to help you! We offer urgent service for opening locks, giving you immediate access to your home. Our specialists are experienced in opening all types of locks and can be on site within 20 minutes to open the lock without damage. Thanks to our many years of expertise, it is usually not necessary to replace the door or lock first and you will soon be back indoors.

This can be a frustrating situation, but we are here to help. Our experienced craftsmen ensure that the key is removed from the lock with skill and without damage. We open the door in a damage-free manner, so that there is no damage to the door or the lock. After deleting the key, we also offer new solutions that will help you solve the problem permanently.

Locksmith Enschede offers the best service when it comes to opening doors without damage. Our experienced and qualified locksmiths are ready to help you with all types of locks, from mechanical code locks to locking plan or electronic locks. We have professional tools and sophisticated techniques that allow us to open any lock within half an hour without causing any damage.

Replace locks in Enschede

Replace locks in Enschede

You have come to the right place at Locksmith Enschede to replace your locks.

First of all, it is important that you regularly check the locks of your home or business premises for their operation. If you notice defects or damage, you can contact us and we will ensure that a new lock is installed on your window or door within a short period of time. The new locks in our range are provided with the SKG quality mark and have an anti-burglary effect.

Replace cylinder locks

Replace cylinder locks

If your cylinder locks in your home are old or damaged, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Outdated cylinder locks no longer offer little or no security and can easily be used by criminals to penetrate. Locksmith Enschede is ready for you to do all the work related to replacing cylinder locks. Our professional lock specialist offers first-class service and experience, guaranteeing a secure solution for every type of home.

Core pulling protection Enschede

Core pulling protection Enschede

Core pull protection is designed to provide a combined mechanical and visual line of defense for the cylinder lock.

With Core pull protection you can rest assured that the house is better protected against burglaries. At Locksmith Enschede we have a wide range of locks with integrated core pulling protection, but also separate core pulling protection that we can professionally place on cylinder locks. There are different ways to apply core pulling protection, depending on the situation and the home for which it is used.

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn to Locksmith Enschede

Locksmith Enschede is ready to help you keep out unwanted intruders. Our locksmiths have specialist knowledge in the field of security and burglary protection. For example, they can advise you on which security measures best suit your home or business premises. Every situation is different and that is why a thorough analysis is first made before determining what measures are needed.

Keep unwanted intruders out? Turn to Locksmith Enschede

Compensation for damages

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

It comes as a surprise to many people when they find out that it is possible to reimburse the costs of a locksmith. Locksmith Enschede understands that it is unfamiliar territory for many people, which is why we offer more information below about the possibility of compensation. If your keys are stolen or your lock is damaged in a situation for which you are not at fault, your home insurance can reimburse the costs for a lock service.

Reimbursement of locksmith costs

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

If your keys are lost, it is often necessary to call in a locksmith to open the door. But what about reimbursement of these costs? Unfortunately, costs incurred for opening a door due to lost keys are usually not reimbursed by your insurer. They judge this as a situation for which you are to blame.

Reimbursement of costs in case of lost keys

FAQs to Locksmith Enschede

On our website you will find an overview of frequently asked questions that are asked by our customers. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our service, maintenance contracts and lock problems.

  • Experienced locksmiths
  • Professional emergency service
  • Also outside office hours and on weekends
  • Locksmiths with VOG
  • Professional mounting
FAQs to Locksmith Enschede

Can the locksmith secure business premises?

Yes, that’s possible! Locksmith Enschede employs qualified professionals who are specialists in securing business premises. We offer professional advice on burglary prevention and can install various types of camera security, alarm systems and security locks to secure your business premises.

They have the right equipment, materials, techniques and knowledge to open a defective lock without using a key. First of all, our technicians evaluate the lock and see which tools are needed to open the lock sustainably.

This type of lock offers many advantages. Firstly, it helps to protect against burglary, because the lock locks the window or door in several places. This way it is impossible to force it, so that your house is better closed than with just a standard lock. A multi-point lock also helps against drafts and noise nuisance from outside.

There are various services for which we can help our customers, such as repairing, replacing or adjusting locks. Depending on the nature and difficulty of the service you require, we charge fair and affordable prices.

When you go away for a while and leave your home behind, it is very important that your home is properly secured against burglary. To ensure that your home is left as safe as possible, you can use the following tips: First, check that all windows and doors are properly closed. If there is no lock on the door or window, you can consider contacting Locksmith Enschede. They can provide you with locks and other security measures that will ensure your home is left safe.


I was locked out because my key broke off in the lock. The Locksmith Enschede mechanic was soon present and removed the piece of key from my lock in no time.



I suffered damage to my lock that stopped it working properly. The locksmith came by right on time to view everything and he quickly installed a new lock of better quality than the old one.



My friend Berend had lost our keys. Typically Berend... Fortunately, Locksmith Enschede was soon able to help us fix new keys and put a new lock in the front door.


Where can you find our locksmiths?

Our qualified technicians can be found in various regions of the Netherlands, including Enschede. We have a team of experienced specialists who are ready to help you with all your hinges and locks problems.

053 - 200 56 75

Common lock problem in Enschede

We come into daily contact with people who have to deal with the exclusion of their home or business premises. Our technicians can be at your location within a short time to open a lock quickly and damage-free.


We replace an outdated lock for you as soon as possible, so that the door of your home is always optimally secured. The new lock that we install has been extensively tested, has the SKG quality mark and has a burglary-resistant effect.


Have you lost the key to your safe or have you forgotten the code to your safe? Our qualified technicians can quickly reopen your safe for you using professional tools and special techniques.


Need a locksmith in the Enschede region?

Need a locksmith in the Enschede region?

053 - 200 56 75